"The Light" Exhibition - Story


       According to the wisdom of Kabbalah, there is an infinite force of positive energy that has no beginning and no end. This primary energy is the “Light,” which is the living force of the Creation, and it fills every part of our reality and allows our existence. The Light leads us on a journey of acquiring unlimited happiness, tranquility, unlimited love and knowledge. Kabbalah teaches us that women have even greater inner piety and spirituality than men. In the hands of a woman there lies great power and they can change the world by understanding and fulfilling their spiritual role in the world, as they understand their role in their families. Through Kabbalah, they learn the ways and rules to achieve a constant flow of Light (Hebrew: "or" - אוֹר) in the infinite realms of human life.

       The paintings that stand before you radiate with the spiritual energy. They are dominated by a woman who senses that her fulfillment comes from something higher than this life. The woman in these paintings has a different kind of yearning that wakes in her and transcends the boundaries of this world. She liberates all of the divine aspects of her being in synergy with the surrounding nature. As a human being, she is trapped in the constant struggle of two souls within her – the animalistic one, which is the life force with the instinctual animalistic drives, and the one that holds purely spiritual component, a divine spark which distinguishes human from animal. The observers feel that struggle which possesses them at the moment; we feel the intertwining of love, memory, fear, loyalty, imagination, intelligence, survival and procreation instincts. In the next moment, the surreal landscape assures that the storm passes by; a silent music penetrates with the warm wind which clears away the clouds, and the touches of the hand comfort and soothe the excitement. Human soul passes through the soul of the animal, which facilitates its own recovery, incarnation and transformation, and this is the reason our world was created for. The woman reaches her freedom and transits from darkness to light; her face and her body depict a strong sense of collective consciousness where all the people in the world are connected as one.

       Nowadays, when the humanity moves away from the spirituality, the women become conscious of their realities, and through the Kabbalah, as a complex mystical and contemplative tradition within the Judaism, fully embody the cosmic laws, achieve the correction of their own and the group soul, bringing the higher and lower worlds into harmony, emulate and imitate the God Himself.

       “A king without a queen is neither great nor a king. For it is the woman who empowers the man to conquer his space… And then the man will learn from this woman that he, too, can reach within others and provide nurture. And the woman will learn that she, too, can conquer.”

– Rabbi Menachem Mendel Schneerson (1902 – 1994 / AM 5662 –5754)


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