Biography of the artist

Damir Radd was born in 1996 in ─ćuprija, the Republic of Serbia, where he completed elementary and high school for tourism. Since childhood he has started to show off his painting talent and skills, gaining many awards during his formal education. It was then when he decided to engage exclusively in painting and drawing. Being of a very independent nature and wanting full freedom in artistic creation between disciplines and techniques, he has remained committed to self-creation and mastery, forging his own independent path and never taking up formal artistic studies. He discovers his own world in the artistic achievements and creates an oeuvre of portraits and landscapes for many years, which get, over time, a serious form of artistic and spiritual expression.

His first independent exhibition in Belgrade is called "the Light," done in oil on canvas, arising from a love of Hebrew mysticism in the Kabbalah, the Jewish philosophy of happiness, where the artist through transcendent but also immanent faithfully and in detail shows the awakening of the desire for spirituality of the woman, who overcomes herself and finds a deep connection with what the Kabbalah represents through its symbols. For the first time in this part of the world, such a type of an exhibition required a very ambitious, serious and mature challenge, which was accepted by this young artist and he has fully succeeded in his mission. The exhibition took place in the House of King Peter Ⅰ, from July 16th until August 20th 2018.

He is the only artist from Serbia whose painting is in the White House in Washington, D.C. at the President Donald J. Trump's office, what was documented by the young artist in the media with the letter that he has received personally from the President.

The artist lives and works between Vienna and Belgrade.


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