The second solo exhibition "The Birth of the World" opened

The exhibition was opened by the Savski Venac municipality Mayor Mrs. Irena Vujović and Prof. Dr. Nenad Radd in the House of King Peter I, in the presence of notable people from the country and region.

The exhibition will be opened until December 15th, 2019.

A gift for the House of King Peter Ⅰ

The President of the city municipality of Savski Venac, Mrs. Irena Vujović, hosted today young artist Damir Radd in the House of King Peter Ⅰ, where the artist contributed a painting to this cultural institution - the portrait of King Peter the First Karađorđević.

Visiting the Memorial Room, which will be adorned by the work of this young painter as a part of a permanent setting, Mrs. Vujović praised his work, adding that the portrait of the King would enrich the contents of the House of King Peter I.

-- The city municipality of Savski Venac, November 1st, 2018

"The Light" – the author's first exhibition

The exhibition lasted from July 16th to August 20th 2018.

This was the first exhibition dedicated to the woman in Kabbalah, the Jewish philosophy of happiness, encompassing the importance of positive philosophy of life and happiness shaped in the spiritual energy of women, through the noble tradition of Kabbalah.

The paintings are for sale. For all enquiries please contact the PR team by e-mail.

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